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In 2023, the average cost of groceries has increased by approximately 20% according to recent statistics. These rising prices have affected not only everyday essentials like my morning coffee and weekly take-out meals but also had a significant impact on my overall monthly living expenses.

To combat these challenges, I made a firm resolution to restructure my budget and find ways to save without compromising on quality. When a friend recommended HelloFresh, I was initially skeptical about the potential costs and time commitment. However, I decided to give it a try.

What I discovered with HelloFresh was pleasantly surprising. Their recipes are designed to be ready in just 30 minutes, sometimes even faster, and all the ingredients are pre-portioned and delivered right to my doorstep. This makes cooking a breeze and eliminates waste from unused ingredients.

Moreover, HelloFresh offers a highly flexible subscription model that allows me to easily skip deliveries, pause the service, or unsubscribe whenever I need to. This level of convenience and control has been a game-changer for me in managing my food expenses effectively.

Experience the difference with HelloFresh and start saving without compromising on convenience or quality.

How HelloFresh helps me:

Explore HelloFresh - Bringing you fresh and convenient grocery ingredients!

At HelloFresh, we are committed to providing you with fresh, high-quality ingredients for a delicious cooking experience. Our ingredients are carefully selected and tested to ensure their freshness and tastiness.

Our team consists of professional chefs and culinary experts who curate a variety of ingredients and recipes to bring you innovative and healthy meal options. You no longer need to waste time on ingredient and recipe selection, as we've taken care of everything for you.

We love cooking and cater to your taste preferences and dietary needs. Whether you are a vegetarian, follow a gluten-free diet, or have sensitivities to certain ingredients, we have menu options that cater to you. Simply choose your preferences on our website, and we will tailor recipes and ingredients based on your selections.

Join us in enjoying a delicious and healthy culinary journey! Subscribe to HelloFresh now and let us deliver carefully crafted recipes and premium ingredients to your doorstep. Every meal will become a special moment for family gatherings and friend get-togethers.

No food waste

Moldy cheese and jars of expired mayo or pasta sauce end up in the trash for me almost every month because I never manage to finish the entire contents before the expiration date.
But with HelloFresh, I get the exact amount for the portions I want to cook, so there is no food waste. This not only saves me a lot of money but also benefits the environment.

Diverse dishes from around the world

Although I loved ordering food from delivery services several times a week, the meals from HelloFresh are simply much healthier and taste better. Additionally, you can choose from over 30 recipes from around the world every week, such as Asian beef with pak choi, Spanish potato salad with spicy mojo rojo, or Greek platter with two types of souvlaki.
Thanks to HelloFresh, I get to discover countless new recipes and explore various cuisines from different countries at the same time.

Managing your budget better and saving time

With HelloFresh, I know exactly how much I spend on groceries each week, keeping my budget in check.
The meals are delicious and quick to prepare. Some dishes only take 15 minutes! Plus, I no longer waste time planning recipes and writing shopping lists. I have to go to the supermarket much less frequently, allowing me to focus more on my work, hobbies, and simply relax. I am even considering investing the extra time in a side job.
If you're looking for an affordable way to prepare delicious meals at home, I highly recommend HelloFresh!

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